As I walked the streets with my senses amplified, I eventually learnt to find stillness in madness.

Exactly two months ago I left a job at a great company with great people to follow my curiosity and deep desire to pursue dreams that had long been bubbling below the surface and lining the pages of my journals. In short, my dream was to connect with people, make art and share my point of view on the healing nature of creativity and collaboration. With hard work and help from my supportive husband, in two short months, I launched a new creative studio, two branded websites, social channels for each website, a newsletter, serviced 10+ clients in Montreal and New York, exhibited twice, made a commissioned painting as large as my entire body, got published in online publications including Vogue Italia and collaborated with creatives in LA, San Diego, New York and Montreal.

At times it felt very difficult to go through the motions to allow for all that has happened to take place. Travelling to New York city made the chaos inside of me feel like a twisted joke. The incredible energy and ambition of all that I have met in the city was electrifying. As I walked the streets with my senses amplified, I eventually learnt to find stillness in madness. Any tension that I was carrying with me boiled to the surface and once the steam let out, I felt free. I feel incredibly blessed for all the opportunities and continue to look up from here.

Here are some photos from my latest trip to New York City including some behind the scenes shots from a shoot with Rebels to Dons on October 17th, 2016. I can't wait to share the official photos with you!