Liana is a Montreal native who has always found herself through various forms of creative expression. From stage performance in song, theatre and dance in her early years, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies at Concordia University with a specialization in Audio. The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum served as an exploration ground for Liana to begin to flourish into the artist and professional that she is today. Over the years her fascination with storytelling evolved from the creation of songs and audio-documentaries to the expressions of the still frame. Upon completion of her degree, she immersed herself in photography, painting, blogging, reading & yoga - mediums coexisting, influencing one another, and serving as vehicles for self-exploration. 

With her camera, Liana captures everything from places, to people, to things – evoking her perspective on life’s beauty. She loves to meet new people and tell their story through her lens. When painting, she channels her background in music and dance to charge the canvas with color and movement. Independent of the medium, her mission is to capture the colour of life.  She strives to be ever changing and evolving, free and unconfined, telling her story and sharing her colourful perspective with others through her art.