Liana Carbone is an image-maker and creative director thriving in portraiture, fashion, documentary style visual essays and experiential marketing. Her specialty is connecting with people, understanding brands and extracting the true essence of her subjects in a natural, effortless and fun way. 

Liana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concordia University, where she learnt how to deconstruct the underlying message of images and text. There, her fascination for with the still frame was born. She is currently enrolled in Mastered, a global fashion photography accelerator led by industry experts such as celebrated photography duo Inez and Vinoodh, renown Art Director Fabien Baron and Senior Editor of Vogue Italia, Alessia Glaviano. Her mentor in the program is Senior Photo Editor of Refinery 29, Mary Snow Fletcher.

Liana is presently working on a personal series entitled "Goddesses", a celebration of divine feminine nature, strength and authentic beauty. For this series, Liana guides both models and street casted women to find strength in their vulnerability. Liana is inspired by iconic traditional Goddesses of different cultures and time periods as well as the stories of her modern subjects. The series is a conversation between tradition and modernity, the past and present Goddess within each woman. 

Liana is an avid traveler drawing inspiration from the faces and places she encounters. When Liana is at her home base of Montreal, Canada she works out of her production studio, HAVEN creative space, which she co-founded with her husband Anthony. At HAVEN the duo produce digital media content and experiential events. HAVEN is a creative studio that doubles as a workshop and creative community space for events that stand on the pillars of wellness, collaboration and creativity. Like her work, the unifying theme of her studio events is to connect to a truer part of self-expression.

With her camera, Liana evokes her perspective on life’s beauty. She loves to meet new people and tell their story through her lens.