"I am an image-maker with a focus on portraiture, fashion and lifestyle photography. Whether I am working with individuals or brands, I love connecting with people and making them feel comfortable so that together we can capture their true essence in a natural and fun way." 

Liana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concordia University. She is currently enrolled in Mastered, a global fashion photography accelerator led by industry experts.

Liana is presently working on a personal series entitled "Goddesses", a celebration of divine feminine nature, strength and authentic beauty. For this series, Liana guides both models and street casted women to find strength in their vulnerability. 

When Liana is not travelling for inspiration and collaboration, she is working out of her Montreal production studio, HAVEN creative space. The studio doubles as a workshop and creative community space for workshops and events that stand on the pillars of creativity, collaboration and wellness. Like her work, the unifying theme of her studio events is to connect to authentic and conscious self-expression .