Liana’s mission as an artist is to create art and art experiences that facilitate radical self acceptance and and foster our connection to our divine nature, bridging the gap between people and the spark of divinity within. Photography is the artist’s personal healing practice as her work with women serves as a mirror for healing. With deep gratitude and respect for the practice, her work honours both the light and the shadow of the human experience and through this is a celebration of our connection to our divine nature and wonder of the great mystery of life.

In the new age that is upon us Carbone believes that the shifts cannot be fully understood with the mind but embodied with the felt sense. Her work and studio strive to create art and art experiences that speaks from the deep rooted truth that lies within the felt sense.

When Liana is not travelling for inspiration and collaborations, she is working out of her Montreal production studio, HAVEN creative space. The studio doubles as a workshop and creative community space for workshops and events that stand on the pillars of creativity, collaboration and wellness. Like her work, the unifying theme of her studio events and productions is to connection via authentic and conscious self-expression. 

Liana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Concordia University. She is a Mastered 2017 alumni, a global fashion photography mentorship program and creative community.